Hajj 2020 – Triple Occupancy

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Availability : 24th July - 15th Aug
Heathrow London Airport
Saudia Airlines
Max People : 3
Tour Details

Hajj – a once in a lifetime experience. It is therefore only be fitting to witness it to the fullest. Let Madani Hajj Tours London be your guide as we present to you our flagship, three weeks Super Deluxe Five Star Hajj Package. It is the ultimate option for those looking forward to the complete Hajj experience, reaping maximum benefits from their stay in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.

Tailor made to the highest standards by our experienced and dedicated staff, this package will assuredly leave you with a Hajj to remember. Madani Hajj Tours take great care, with precise attention to all the requirements and details relating to Hajj.

Departure & Return Location

London Heathrow Airport – Terminal 4

Arrival Time at the airport

4 Hours Before Flight Time

Package Status

ATOL Protected

Price Includes

  • Booked Flights
  • Hajj Visa
  • Full board Aziziyah Hotel
  • Half board 5* Makkah & Madinah Hotel
  • Two Exclusive Ziyrat in Makkah & Madinah including 40 Historical Sites
  • VIP coach from Makkah to Madinah
  • Air-conditioned coach for all other transportation provided by the Hajj Ministry

Other Expenses

  • Qurbani, £120 per sacrifice
  • Fard Tawaf Al Efada Coach, £20 per person


  • Rucksack Bag
  • Hajj Booklet
  • Notepad & Pen
  • Water Bottle
  • Cooling Spray
  • Plastic Mat for Muzdalifah Night
  • Headscarf for Sisters

Hajj Tarbiyah

  • 18 Hours of Hajj Tarbiyah/Training is highly recommended with qualified Scholars like Sheikh Madani and others
  • Compulsory Hajj Talim day before travelling everyone must participate in the session
  • Hajj Reunions and Hujjaz Foundation program after Hajj
What to Expect

Madani Hajj Tours have carefully selected only the most luxurious and accessible hotels allowing you to be fully comfortable during your stay, and facilitate your concentrations towards the full worship of Allah (SWT). Our chosen state-of- the art Five-star hotels are opportunely located just minutes away from the Grand Mosques of Makkah and Madinah, with superb services and ample amenities. From only the most delicious and divergent food to the most brilliant of features – we assure you a package that suits your needs.

At Madani Hajj Tours, we understand just how important it is to have a secure and restful accommodation during the Hajj Proceedings, and thus we have ensured that only the most suitable hotels have been chosen.


Please note that only a maximum of three people will be assigned per room for the 5 Star Makkah & Madinah hotel accommodations. The full board Aziziyah hotel accommodation will have a maximum of four to six people assigned to per room. Male and Female are separately accommodated.

Please note that this is not a standard holiday but, it is a Religious Pilgrimage. Many arrangements are done by the Hajj Ministry of Saudi Arabia.


Day 1Departure from London Heathrow Airport

Meet at Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. You will be given your ID tag and instructed on what area to remain in until the gate is open.

Day 2Arrive in Makkah & Perform Umrah

Arrive in Makkah and travel to Aziziyah Hotel, once settled down we will be going to Masjid Al Haram to perform Umrah

Day 3 - 4Hajj Talim

We will be having our final Hajj Talim

Day 5Travel to Mina

Heading to Mina in the late evening.

Day 68th of Dhul Hijjah - Mina

Segregated full board accommodation for both men and women with air conditioning.

Day 79th of Dhul Hijjah - Day of Arafat and Muzdalifah

Listen to the main Khuthba through the radio and our sound system. Pray Zuhr & Asr together, continue to have your own individual Duas. The group Dua will take place after Asr using our sound system. In the evening, we will be travelling to Muzdalifah and sleeping overnight – please do not forget your plastic mat.

Day 8 - 1010th - 12th of Dhul Hijjah

During these three days we will be staying in Mina, we will walking to Jamarat for stoning and also perform our Fard Tawaf.

Day 10 Afternoon12th of Dhul Hijjah Afternoon - Travel back to Aziziyah

We will travel back to our Aziziyah Hotel on the afternoon of the 12th of Dhul Hijjah from Mina.

Day 10 Evening - 11Rest in Aziziyah Hotel

We will stay at the Aziziyah Hotel for 1 night.

Day 12Check-in at the Swissotel in Makkah

The group will be moving to the Swissotel Makkah Clock Tower next to Haraam.

Day 14Ziyarat around the Haram

The group will be attending a Ziyarat around the Haraam, the meeting point for this will be the reception of the Hotel after Isha.

Day 15Ziyarat around the Haram

The group will be attending a Ziyarat around the Haraam, the meeting point for this will be the reception of the Hotel after Isha.

Day 15Spend time in the Haram

This will give you an ample amount of time to adore the Haram.

Day 16 - 17Group Ziyarat around Makkah

A group Ziyarat will take place after the 7am breakfast, the meeting point for this will be the reception for the Hotel.

Day 18Farewell Tawaf

You must perform your farewell Tawaf by the evening is over.

Day 19Travel to Madinah & Hotel Check-in

We will be travelling by VIP coaches to Madinah, two service stops will be taken and we will checking into the Dar Al Hijrah Intercontinental Hotel.

Day 20Group Ziyarat around Masjid E Nawabi

The group will be attending a Ziyarat around the Masjid E Nawabi, the meeting point for this will be gate number 21 after Fajr Salah.

Day 21Group Ziyarat around Madinah by Coach

The group will be attending a Ziyarat around the Madinah, the meeting point for this will be the reception of the Hotel after the 7am breakfast.

Day 22Farewell Salam to Rawdah

Have the opportunity to say your farewell Salam to the Rawdah of the Prophet.

Day 22Depart from Madinah Airport

The Group will be departing together. You will be instructed on what area to remain in until the gate is open.


Please note that itinerary is subject to change. Arabic dates are subject to Moon-sighting.